Sheila Fleet

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About this collection

Sheila Fleet OBE is one of Scotland’s leading designer-makers of gold, silver and platinum jewellery.

Following 26 years in the jewellery industry, in 1993, Sheila decided it was time to set out on her own. In the space of only 1 year Sheila Fleet Jewellery became firmly established, with trade customers across Britain and Ireland, and a few in Europe and America. Over the course of two decades Sheila Fleet Jewellery has grown steadily, thanks to Sheila’s vision and her unique ability to create beautiful jewellery that customers treasure.

Sheila continues to design and develop new collections annually. With a passion for her island environment, Sheila creates her original designs reflecting nature’s wonderful sea, sky and landscape colours. Orkney’s history and folklore are also a rich medium for her inspiration, and Sheila was delighted to be invited in 2008 to design a collection for the famous ‘Up Helly aa’ festival in Shetland.