Nikki Lissoni

About this collection

Nikki Lissoni was founded in 2011 by Caspar Assmann with a mission to bring high quality interchangeable lifestyle jewellery in an affordable price range.

With a large collection in necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings and earrings in a luxury radiation a strong brand is created which empowers woman across the world. All designed with the driving forces for love, fashion and creating high quality and detailed designs. The attention to detail, trend oriented, feminine and classy designs as well as handcrafted pieces in highest demand of product quality are the key characters of the Nikki Lissoni collections.

They continually develop their portfolio in keeping with their core values of affordable luxury, exceptional beauty and high quality.

Kirstin’s great strength has always been in creating collections that weave a story, and evoke a sentiment for the wearer. This quality hasn’t been overlooked by the press, and Kirstin’s pieces have gained exposure in Vogue, In Style, and Madison, amongst many other fashion titles.