Fabuleux Vous

About this collection

From the humble beginning of a single desire to bring to the jewellery industry, fine designer jewellery that had reason, passion, and most importantly a soul, Fabuleux Vous was born in 2014.

New Zealand owned, operated and most importantly designed, Fabuleux Vous enjoys the challenges of being original and different, with the nimbleness to exist in the fine jewellery, fashion jewellery and iconic spaces of our beautiful industry.

Every Fabuleux Vous piece has been carefully designed by their stunning young Designer Rebecca Adams. Her passion and genuine love for tradition and vintage with a modern twist is the very essence of her creativity and design. As a result, Fabuleux Vous has successfully delivered to market stunning collections like nothing else you will have ever seen. They don’t copy, they create, they love to listen and engage and reach deep into their soul for inspiration to create timeless collections you will love and share with generations to come.

Their signature collection ‘Declaration’ is everything the name depicts. This collection tells of the founders own personal heart journey – a journey of a young mother desperate to survive a heart attack, to live a normal and full life as a mother, wife, daughter and friend, and to accept the twists and turns life unexpectedly delivers. Every piece in their ‘Declaration’ collection tells a story, and inspires new ones – it could be your story….
From the thoughts and ideas of the designer to the craftsmanship making of handmade jewellery, their vision is to create elements of beauty allowing all women to express their true colours and true personality. Set your mind free and create endless opportunities with Endless Jewellery.